Brand Management

Brand Management and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Companies are pivoting their brand strategies and storytelling to educate and build trust during the COVID-19 pandemic.


With the world upended, brands are having to adapt to make an impact. Below are some examples on how companies have had to change up their messaging during the COVID-19 pandemic to establish trust and better serve their customers.

Creative Works: what brands are doing for the coronavirus pandemic

A collection of brands who have used creativity to educate the public and promote social distancing.

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Brand Survival Tips

This article tells the story of how one brand changed up their storytelling strategy in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. Instead of focusing on the bad, the company chose to build a support system and focus on optimism and connections. The branding for the product, an emergency kit, focuses on not only the physical component, but the emotional and mental preparedness as well.

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COVID-19's Effect on the USPS and Direct Mail Marketing

There's no doubt the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the United States Postal Service. This article explores ways people are working to ease the burden placed on the service and how it might affect your direct mail marketing strategy. Now could be the time for you to take advantage and market some B2C solutions.

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