What is PC Power Management Software?

PC power management software puts PC hardware into the lowest power demand state. PC power management controls the power usage of personal computers.

PC power management is the mechanism for controlling the power usage of personal computers within a business environment.
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PC power management software puts the hardware into the lowest power demand state available. A typical office PC and attached monitor might use an average of 90 to 300 watts of power when active; and two to four watts when sleeping.

Won’t the idle settings on my PC save energy?

Some PCs allow for low power settings, but often, particularly in networked environments such as your office, processes running on the computer will prevent the low-power settings from taking effect. This has a drastic effect on energy usage that users are unable to see. Even though the monitor may have gone into standby mode, and the PC appears to be idle, operational testing shows that on average more than 50% of a business’s computers actually fail to go to sleep, and this happens to over 90% of the machines over time. PC power management software will help regulate the energy use for sustained savings.

How much energy do PCs use in your office?

If you could regulate the power usage of those computers, how much money could you save each year? As much as 10% of a modern office's electricity demand can be attributed to PCs and monitors. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. companies waste anywhere between $2.8 and $4.0 billion annually and emit 20 million tons of carbon dioxide to power PCs that aren’t shut down.   

There are many companies that have saved millions every year when deploying the right PC power management strategy. The first step is determining what is happening in your business right now in terms of PC energy waste. After performing an energy audit on your device environment, you receive a report detailing baseline costs and estimated savings. This report is then used to create an effective strategy that is quickly and painlessly implemented to start seeing those cost savings.

Don’t let weeks and months pass without realizing these very accessible savings in operational costs. Ask us about a PC energy audit for your business today.

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