Promotional Products

Products to Keep You Safe While Promoting Your Brand

Keep employees and customers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic while promoting your brand strategy. Promotional products help increase brand recognition.


As the world learns how to operate in the "new normal," products to keep you safe are popular. Many of these items can be customized to promote your promo strategy. We've collected just a few ideas on how you can utilize promotional products to keep your employees and customers safe while improving brand recognition. Contact us to receive a custom strategy for your business.



One of the most coveted items throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has been sanitizer. Sanitizer comes in a variety of forms, all of which are available for customization. Besides uvlightthe typical hand sanitizer gel, we offer a spray, wipes, and sanitizers for your phone. Since phones are hotbeds of bacteria, a phone sanitizer would be a popular item to receive. One solution is a refillable phone sanitizing spray with a pad. The case for the sanitizer can function as a phone stand. For a higher-end gift, look to our UV box. The UV light sanitizes your phone, keys, or any other small personal item.




Masks are a must when venturing outside the house. While medical-grade masks should be reserved for healthcare workers and other industries on the front line, cloth masks are sufficient for the general public in everyday use. Providing some for your employees is a great way to make them feel safe returning to the workplace while customizing them with your logo maintains your brand standards. As employees who wear masks to do their jobs will attest, the elastic on masks can be painful and uncomfortable. We offer ear savers, branded with your logo, to keep masks in place while avoiding ear irritation while your employees are hard at work.


Antimicrobial Products

5e8dd5b75619420ee834131b_bic-prevaguard-clic-stic-penlanyardThere are many items in our everyday lives we don't think about touching. As businesses reopen, take care to consider items customers and employees touch throughout the day without hesitation, like pens and lanyards. We have a variety of products available that have antimicrobial properties. Order some pens with your logo to keep at the office with an antimicrobial additive to suppress the growth of bacteria.



THM01One of the first symptoms of COVID-19 is fever. Monitoring the temperatures of your employees could be a way to keep them safe. Take temperatures while maintaining your distance with an infrared thermometer that allows for quick, no-contact readings.

dooropenerCut down on surfaces you touch with a germ-free touch tool. The touch tool can open doors, push buttons, turn locks, and carry bags. Attach to your keys for easy access in your efforts to reduce exposure to germs.



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