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Inside a Corporate Rebranding Process: How RBO PrintLogistix Was Born

RBO PrintLogistix has experienced the creative rebranding process as a client and strategist. We have the talent and insight on how to do it right.

Why is RBO PrintLogistix able to offer creative branding services that other technology services companies can’t provide? One reason is that we’ve been through a major rebrand ourselves as a client, and we apply what we learned in that experience to every client engagement. 

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Our experiences with our 2007 rebranding process were highlighted in the March 2015 issue of Print Solutions Magazine. In the article “Four PSDA Members Overhaul Their Brands,” Darin Painter told the full story of our creative branding. I’ll share highlights of that story here. 

The Story Behind Our Rebrand

First things first. What was the point of our rebranding process? As our President and CEO, Jim Riley, put it: “When we went through our rebranding, we kept coming back to the point that we needed to think hard about our brand promise—what were we going to commit to delivering? Because if we didn't deliver, we would lose credibility in the eyes of our clients.” 

Up until that point, we were known as Riley Barnard & O’Connell. Our team spent months thinking about how they wanted customers to perceive us, how our brand should be recognized, and how everything would play out in terms of design strategies. This was to be more than a mere logo redesign; the project included a new company name, new tagline, and new identity. 

Hoping for some fresh perspective, we engaged a local branding expert in St. Louis to help with the project. This consultant spent weeks talking with not only our employees, but also our vendors and most importantly our customers to get a sense of who we are and what we do. Based on this valuable input, he then began generating name ideas and logo designs.

Corporate Brands Are Like Fingerprints—Literally

The most noticeable result of our rebranding process was a new logo. Designed to look like a fingerprint, this logo connotes that every client—like every fingerprint—is unique. It also underscores the fact that we’re a “high-touch” company that puts its imprint on everything we handle. And the bands of colors used in the logo represent the ink colors used in four-color process and digital printing—colors that are instantly recognizable to our clients.

Also of note were our new name, RBO PrintLogistix, and our new tagline, “The Best at Complex.” This new tagline was a result of a very important realization that came out of our collaboration with the branding expert: we do our best work when we’re collaborating on complicated projects that require deep understanding, such as highly customized Web to Print storefronts, or distribution of thousands of frequently used items.

We also developed a 12-page brand identity guidebook that stipulates how our brand elements should be used and printed. The manual includes sections on key topics such as our correct color palette, typeface, and logo sizes.

And Now We’re Ready for Your Rebranding Process!

Riley Barnard & O’Connell rebranded as RBO PrintLogistix in January 2007. Our updated brand truly underscores the value we offer to clients. Just as importantly, the rebranding process provided us the insight and experience of what a client goes through to develop a new brand. Since we have our own creative design team, we were able to take what we learned from a client perspective and apply it to our customers.

Since that time, we’ve helped clients not only redesign their brands, but also put their new corporate identities into a Web to Print solution that enforces consistent branding throughout their company offices around the world. We can do the same for you. Learn more about our creative branding services today.

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